Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reading and Writing Georgian

Georgian was made part of Unicode over 10 years ago. Though OS X has never included fonts or keyboards for this script, some have been available via downloading from the internet to enable a basic level of support. Thanks to Reno Siradze there is now a much more advanced and refined set of tools for Georgian, which you can get here:

Georgian Language Kit 1.0

For more good Georgian fonts, try BPG-InfoTech

Note that it is customary in Georgian headings, ads, captions, and titles to use a special capitalized version of the normal unicameral alphabet (called the Didi style of Mkhedruli or the Mtavruli style of Mkhedruli). Inputting this style requires switching to a special font, although some fonts like those from BPG put this type style in the 10A0 range in place of what is supposed to be there.

Note Added Later: OS X 10.5 Leopard does include one font with Georgian, namely Arial Unicode.


წკაპო said...

Hello, thanks a lot for this article.
But ther part of article about Mtavruli is wrong.
Modern georgian alphabet (mkhedruli) do not uses capital letters (this alphabet has not tham). Georgian term mtavruli means capital but style of type used for headings, captions etc. are not mtavruli but Didi (big).

Unfortunately, almost nobody cares about this difference and in last years the term Mtavruli replaces didi.

Tom Gewecke said...

Thanks much for your comment! I've modified the text of the article to (hopefully) make it more accurate.

წკაპო said...

Thank you for your reactivity and kindness.

Caroline Riera-Darsalia said...

Dear Tom,
Sorry to disturb you again, but I think you could maybe help me... You have already helped me before on the Mac user forum for the same purpose but this time it doesn't work...
I want to install Georgian on my new MacBook Pro. I have tried to follow your link to the Georgian Language Kit to download but it doesn't work anymore. I tried to look for it with the search function on the Apple site but I didn't found anything. Do you maybe have another solution?
Thanks very very much in advance!
Kind regards,

Tom Gewecke said...

Caroline -- I will try to reach the author. In the meantime, you could try the Georgian keyboard here

with the font Arial Unicode

Tom Gewecke said...

Caroline -- I now have a copy of the Georgian kit. Email me (tom at bluesky dot org) and I will send you one.

Salomon said...


Very helpful article. I noticed you told Caroline that you have a working copy of the Georgian Keyboard Kit. I tried following the link listed above and it doesn't work. Is it possible for you to send me the kit as well?

Tom Gewecke said...

Solomon -- email me (tom at bluesky dot org)

koalka-journey said...

Hi Tom!
thank you for your article! very sorry for the comment and question related to the article which is a bit old (maybe it's not convenient for you to return to that).
but I've been trying to crack the problem of installing Georgian language keyboard and fonts to my Mac and have not managed to do so... maybe it's possible to ask you for advice or help?
p.s. (my journal is in Russian, so sorry for not been able to be "recognizable" and readable)

Tom Gewecke said...

koalka -- just email me (tom at bluesky dot org)

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom

excuse me for disturbing you, please.
Could you help me with georgian Language keyboard, please?
Thank you
Regards Anna

Tom Gewecke said...

Anna - Just email me. You should find the addess several times in earlier comments where I told others the same thing.

NK said...

Hello - does anyone know if it is possible to have a Georgian keyboard on an iPhone? If so, please let me know, than you

Tom Gewecke said...

NK -- Unless you can find one in the iTunes app store, the answer is No.

Rick said...

In response to NK's question — yes, there is an app called iGeorgian for the iPhone/iPad/iPod. Neat stuff.